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Meet the Meyers!


We are the adventurous Meyers family of four, comprised of Jacob, Heather, Asher and Zev. The photos you’ve seen thus far have had a lot of Jacob, Heather and little Asher in them. Zev was actually in a lot of them too, he just hadn’t made his debut into the world until March of 2011.

Over the past couple of years the LORD has been moving us to raise our family with the motto of “LIVE SIMPLY AND SERVE CONTINUALLY”. We felt that He wanted us to become less tied-down, more mobile, so that we could jump and act on His Calling, wherever and whenever that was. So, we moved towards that undefined goal by moving out of our house and living in a 20ft CAMPER since May of 2010, where Zev was born in March. We’ve also geared our businesses towards being flexible as well as enabling us to spend the most time investing and strengthening our little family. All while not knowing specifically WHAT FOR.

And then, in the Spring of 2011 we COMMITTED to the endeavor the LORD had laid before our family. To see what that is, continue on to WHY WE SERVE

Get to know us better below (don’t be afraid to contact us – we are pretty friendly people) or follow us in the {BLESSING BOOK} posts on Heather’s photography website and blog:

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